Our parenting program includes a comprehensive approach to working with parents and families, teaching parents ways to create a healthy and happy family dynamic with responsible kids. Our program involves in-depth assessments, restoration of family hierarchy structure, and creation of healthy boundaries. Through empowerment we help facilitate life change by acknowledging progress, accomplishments and teaching parents how to motivate their children toward behavioral change using psychologically proven techniques.

Our program helps parents to gain new perspectives when it comes to parenting while creating a sustainable balanced life. We incorporate components of proven curriculums and therapies that include: structural family therapy, love and logic, positive and nurturing parenting.

Graduates of our program, show up differently in their lives and the lives of their children, having a higher sense of self-worth for themselves and greater confidence in parenting. One of our core values in this program is to teach first, by listening to what is already going in a parent’s life. By validating a parent’s current busy lifestyle and ongoing struggles, we help them to discover hidden challenges beneath the surface while implementing structure, routine, and positive reinforcements. This program is designed to be an integrative part of the parent and child’s life working in collaboration with support systems to ensure that behavioral changes are long lasting across environments.

GROUP: Wednesday 1:30pm – 3:00pm
$30.00 per Session
8 Sessions Minimum
Certificate Upon Completion
Court Approved Program