Caring for your mental health with understanding
smiling african american psychiatrist talking to young couple

Glass House has been providing mental health services for adults, families, and youth in Las Vegas since 2010.

We are passionate about the mental wellness of individuals, families, and communities. We ensure acceptance, compassion, empowerment, respect, and sincerity as we take each step to achieve mental health goals with our clients.

Our trained staff is sensitive and responsive to cultural differences, adapting their skills to fit a family’s values and customs. Our mental health services are delivered by professionals with experience and, at minimum, have a Bachelor’s Degree in the behavioral field.

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to working together with our clients to achieve mental health goals, beating mental health concerns through prevention, intervention, and education.

Our Vision Statement

We envision individuals, families, and communities that do not put a stigma on mental health. We strive to have this vision through education as we also strive to be a leading influencer in the mental and behavioral health fields.

CEO: Marie “Daisy” Westmoreland